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Hahagana 89-93,
Ra'anana, Israel

Replacing an existing 4-story apartment building from the 1960s and including the adjacent lot, purchased by the developer, the design proposes two 9-story apartment buildings with a shared underground parking facility. 




The project sought to solve a complicated residential puzzle with efficiency while offering a generous living experience. A slanted lot with existing parking and a dilapidating residential building, the existing conditions offered considerable challenges. 

By moving the parking underground and creating one shared parking basement for the two apartment buildings, the above-ground space was freed to be used as green spaces and gardens for the ground-floor units.  
In addition, all elements of the building, from the general main-door approach to individual rooms were designed to cater to a community of various ages, backgrounds and abilities, that wanted minimum retrofits and maximum sustainability and value for investment. 


Ra'anana, Israel




Maoz Price Architects + Bonei Binyan Development Group

A hand drawn floor plan sketch of a the ground level of a building
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