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Rembrandt 4
Tel Aviv, IL

Located within the UNESCO World Heritage district of central Tel Aviv, also known as the “White City”, Rembrandt 4 proposes an elevated and inclusive experience in the Mediterranean city. 
Nested within a quiet side street off central Ibn Gvirol blvd, the project houses 21 units and includes 2 penthouse stories. The proposal seeks to replace a historic Modernist residential building from the late 1950s, adhering to local preservation laws and guidelines. 

Rembrandt 4_CAM01_06.jpg



Rembrandt 4 sought to replace a 4-story apartment building in central Tel Aviv from the 1950s with a new, 7-story mid-rise development. Existing residents were provided with new, accessible, and individually tailored apartments, designed with ageing-in-place strategies. The units included accessible washrooms, wider corridors and doors, and simplified paths of travel throughout the units with minimum obstacles and maximum clearances. Additional features like roll-in showers and adaptable kitchens were also considered for the new apartments, intended to be sold. 


Tel Aviv, Israel




MP Architects + EWave Nadlan Development

A rendering of a 7-story residential building situated in a lush residential neighbourhood
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